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Do you know the books of the Bible?

A couple weeks ago we started a new Sunday School series on Bibliology.  During the first week, we reviewed some of the basics: 39 books in the Old Testament, 27 books in the New Testament, authorship, dates of composition, etc.  One important skill is simply navigating the Bible, so it’s important to know the order of the books (even if you happen to read the Bible on your phone, iPad, etc).  Anyway, there are a lot of songs to learn the books of the Bible – here’s a new one from Randy Goodgame:

And the New Testament song:

Father, Give Me Bread

Tomorrow we’ll be watching another episode of Dispatches From the Front at Sunday School.  This episode is called Father, Give Me Bread and it focuses on the advance of the Gospel in East Africa.  Please come early so we have time for discussion following the video.  We’ll start promptly at 9:30.  Here is a short preview:

Intergenerational Sunday School

This Sunday we’ll be starting a new Sunday School series called The Righteous Shall Live by Faith: A Study for Children and Adults on the Ten Commandments.  This is an intergenerational curriculum produced by Desiring God.  Pastor Tom will be leading the study.

So what does it mean for a Sunday School curriculum to be intergenerational?  Here’s how the folks at Desiring God describe it:

Intergenerational teaching consciously takes into account the fact that there are learners of different ages and experiences, and it seeks to teach the hearts of all. Intergenerational teaching benefits both adults and

children. It even provides opportunities for both generations to understand the material differently and benefit from a different perspective. It is a unique opportunity for the young to learn from the old, and for the old to learn from the young.

So please join us at 9:30 am this Sunday.  Children (and adults) of all ages are encouraged to attend!

To find out more about the study, Starr Meade wrote a nice review for Modern Reformation.  You can find it here.


Dispatches from the Front: I Once was Blind

At Sunday School this week, we’ll watch the third episode of the series Dispatches from the Front.  This is a series of DVD’s that describes the advance of God’s kingdom to the far corners of the earth.  Each episode shows the way in which God is working on the “frontlines” and shows us the extent, diversity, and unity of His people.

This week’s episode will take us to the West African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.  Here is a summary of what we’ll see (from the publisher’s website):

The third episode in the award-winning series Dispatches from the Front goes deep into the lands of West Africa, lands broken and bloodied by years of horrific civil war, desperate poverty, and dark religion. For centuries Islam and demon worship have held millions in the grip of fear, violence, and blood-guilt. However, the Gospel is changing all of that! I Once Was Blind opens windows to whole villages turning to Christ as the Gospel breaks through borders and breaks down altars where human sacrifice was once made to Satan. See how fresh wells of water are drawing thirsty sinners to Jesus. Take a front-row seat on the frontlines where a dress rehearsal is underway for the day when the ransomed from every nation, tongue, and tribe will see their Savior and sing for joy and wonder at the reach of such grace!

And here is a preview of what we’ll be watching.  Note that the video is about 57 minutes long so we’ll try to start promptly at 9:30 to leave some time for discussion.


Trailer – Episode 3: I Once Was Blind from Frontline Missions International on Vimeo.

Dispatches from the Front

Next Sunday we will be starting a new Sunday School series called Dispatches from the Front.  This is a series of DVD’s that describes the advance of God’s kingdom to the far corners of the earth.  Each episode shows the way in which God is working on the “frontlines” and shows us the extent, diversity, and unity of His people.  We will follow Tim Keesee as he visits brothers and sisters in Christ around the globe.  Click here to see what people are saying about this series.

We plan to watch an episode each week (or parts of an episode) followed by a short discussion.  Please try to join us at 9:30 at Pasadena EP Church!

The first episode is entitled “Islands on the Edge: Southeast Asia”.  Here is a short description from the publisher and an excerpt from the episode:

A pioneer missionary once wrote, “Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of Hell.” Dispatches from the Front: Islands on the Edge takes you where there are no church buildings or chapel bells, yet the Gospel is unstoppable and Christ’s Kingdom is advancing even in the face of persecution, desperate poverty, and Asia’s secret slave trade. Travel to the islands of Southeast Asia––from the towering city of Singapore to the squalid encampments of Borneo. Ferry through Cambodia’s remote river country, visit a Buddhist monastery where people with AIDS are living and dying, and rejoice with new believers in a house church in Indonesia.
Here is an inside look at the radical rescue work of the Gospel on the frontier of human need.

Excerpt – Episode 1: Islands on the Edge from Frontline Missions International on Vimeo.