What We Believe

There are several words that help to define who we are: Biblical, Reformed, Presbyterian, Confessional, Worshipful, Connected, and Intergenerational.


We believe that the necessary truths concerning God, humanity’s redemption and the ultimate issues of life are revealed in the Bible. We do not make it up. We discover it by studying the revelation of God’s statements and acts in history, climaxing in the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore our preaching is usually exegetical and verse by verse through a book of the Bible.


We believe that the most consistent way to interpret the Bible was outlined by that branch of the Protestant Reformation known as Calvinism, or the Reformed faith. We believe that all of life revolves around the Creator and the fulfillment of His plans in Christ and that our purpose in life is to honor Him and reflect his glory. The Lord Jesus Christ is the focal point of all of history and the most important person in our lives today.


Christ is the only head of the Church. Therefore, we believe that the Bible reveals God’s plan for the church’s organization. “Presbyter” is the New Testament word for “elder” and the New Testament directs that the church is to be governed by groups of elders elected or appointed by each congregation. We believe that all leadership in the church must be team leadership, not leadership by individuals.


Meaningful accountability of church leadership to Christ requires biblical standards of teaching and behavior. The Westminster Confession of Faith summarizes our understanding of biblical doctrine and functions as our standard of faith.


While our worship style is traditional in form, we sing both old hymns and contemporary songs. We sing at least one Psalm each week as well. There is a friendly informality but with a high regard for the majesty of God. We observe communion every week. On the first and third Sundays we have a Fellowship Meal after the service, at which time we eat, commune, celebrate together.


Christ has called His church to function in unity. While Protestants agree to respectfully disagree on secondary theological matters, we band together in denominations in order to hold each other accountable to Christ and work together in practical ways. We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Through our denominational structures we train, ordain and supervise our ministers, and pool our resources to communicate the Gospel and share Christ’s love all around the world. We belong to the Chesapeake Presbytery.


By intergenerational we mean that we do as much as we can with all ages together.  We strongly promote regular family worship at home.  And encourage parental instruction of children in the basics of our faith and in Christian character. We do not have programs that segregate according to age, i.e. Sunday School or Children’s Church.

Ministering Christ to the World Through Our Families