Introducing Linked EP

A group called Linked EP will have its first meeting in two weeks at Annapolis Evangelical Presbyterian (EP) church.  Here is the announcement introducing Linked EP:
Linked EP is a group focused on prayer, encouragement and networking for the unemployed, underemployed, struggling business owners, and others in our EP community experiencing or anticipating financial hardships.  Please note that this is not a “support group” where you will have to share your personal struggles but instead an opportunity to connect with folks from our EP family of churches. [Note that “EP family of churches” refers to a particular community of churches in the Annapolis area, of which Pasadena EP is one]. If you are experiencing this challenge or have the interest or ability to come alongside others in this place, we would love to have you participate.
The first meeting is Tuesday April 30 at 7:00pm in Room 121A at Annapolis EP Church. If you are on either side of this struggle please attend this meeting. This is about the church community helping the church community. Information is available on Sundays in the Fellowship Hall on April 21st and 28th. You can also reach Linked EP via email at